How to create a 5e character optimized for solo adventures

How to create a 5e character optimized for solo adventures

Creating a Dungeons & Dragons character can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to solo adventures. You don't have the luxury of relying on a party to fill in the gaps, so you need to make sure your character is optimized for any challenge that comes their way.

Here are some tips for creating a D&D character that is optimized for solo adventures:

  1. Choose a class with plenty of versatility. A class like a rogue or bard can be a great choice for solo adventures. Rogues are great because they can specialize in all kinds of skills, from sneaking and lockpicking to social interactions and traps. Bards are also great for solo adventurers because they have a wide range of spells and abilities to draw from, as well as the ability to inspire their allies.
  1. Make sure your character has plenty of hit points. Hit points are essential for any character, but especially for one that will be going on solo adventures. Make sure to invest in Constitution and take hit point increasing feats to maximize your character's survivability.
  1. Choose a race with helpful features. Races like a dwarf or halfling can be great choices for solo adventures as they have features that can be very helpful. Dwarves have darkvision and resistance to poison, while halflings are small and can be great at sneaking around.
  1. Focus on skills that will be useful. Focus on skills that will be useful for any situation, such as Perception, Stealth, Insight, and Acrobatics. These are all skills that could be used in any situation, from sneaking around a dungeon to surviving in the wilderness.
  1. Take spells and abilities that will be helpful in a variety of situations. Spells like Shield, Detect Magic, and Mage Armor could be very helpful in a variety of situations. You'll also want to make sure to have some healing spells and abilities, as these will be essential for any solo adventure.

Creating a D&D character optimized for solo adventures is not, but hopefully these tips will help make the process a bit easier. With the right skills and abilities, your character will be ready for any challenge that comes their way.

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Very good point @Jon.

Clerics are capable fighters, have good out-of-combat skills, and can heal themselves in a pinch!


This is a great idea offering players the ideas of what makes a great solo character. While I agree with most, I will add one item to the list. Play a cleric. They are well respected by the community, have good fighting skills, and come with a first aid kit.

Jon Yuengling

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