Get additional resources to enhance or customize the gameplay of Obvious Mimic adventures for either solo play or standard party adventures.
  • Self-DM Packs

    Want the option to run encounters yourself on a map? Get the self-DM pack for your solo adventure:

    • individual maps in grids and hexes to suit your preferences
    • full color or black & white for easy printing
    • enemy tokens to add to your gameplay
    Get self-DM pack 
  • Solo Adventure References for Dungeon Masters

    Is one of your player characters playing a solo adventure? With these quick reference guides you quickly access:

    • the events of the story
    • possible rewards earned
    • adventure hooks and resources for your own campaign
    Get DM reference packs 
  • Pre-made Characters

    Don't have time to create a character for a solo adventure? Grab one of our pre-made characters balanced for solo play:

    • a variety of classes to try
    • multiple starting levels
    • built for versatility
    Get a character