What are Bastions in DnD? (Player's Handbook 2024)

What are Bastions in DnD? (Player's Handbook 2024)

The Dungeon's and Dragon's Player's Handbook 2024 brings an exciting new addition to the solo adventuring DnD player: Bastions. This new mechanic, introduced in the latest showcase for the PHB 2024, promises to enrich the D&D experience by providing characters with personalized strongholds and places of power.

Let’s dive into what Bastions are and how they enhance your D&D adventures. But please keep in mind, as of writing this article, Bastions are unreleased and as such, we are taking this information from a previously released Unearthed Arcana about Bastions (and some healthy speculation).

Understanding Bastions

Definition: In essence, a Bastion is a location that belongs to a player character. It serves as their home, stronghold, and a hub of various activities. A Bastion is not just a refuge from the dangers of adventuring but also a place where characters can conduct research, craft magic items, build ships, harvest poisons, and engage in many other activities.

Acquisition: Characters acquire their Bastions upon reaching level 5. The nature of each Bastion can vary, reflecting the character’s class and preferences. For example, a Wizard might build a tower, a Cleric might establish a shrine, a Fighter could construct a fortified keep, and a Rogue might set up a guild hall. These structures can be personalized and expanded as characters progress in their adventures.

The Mechanics of Bastions

Bastion Turns: Time in a campaign is marked by Bastion turns, which occur every 7 days of in-game time, although Dungeon Masters (DMs) can adjust this frequency. During a Bastion turn, characters issue orders to their Bastion’s facilities, which can generate Bastion Points (BP).

Orders and Bastion Points: Orders such as Craft, Empower, Harvest, Maintain, Recruit, Research, and Trade can be issued to the facilities within a Bastion. Special facilities within Bastions generate Bastion Points, which are crucial for acquiring magic items and gaining other benefits. The generation of these points depends on the facility and the specific order given.

Special Facilities in Bastions

Each Bastion starts with two special facilities, which can be expanded as characters level up. Special facilities offer unique benefits and have specific prerequisites. Here are a few examples:

  • Arcane Study: Ideal for wizards, this facility allows the crafting of arcane focuses and books, and even lets the character cast Identify without expending a spell slot after a long rest.
  • Armory: Perfect for fighters, an Armory can stockpile weapons and armor, making the Bastion’s defenders more effective.
  • Sanctuary: Clerics and druids can benefit from a Sanctuary, where they can cast Healing Word without using a spell slot after a long rest.

These special facilities not only provide functional benefits but also serve as creative storytelling spaces within the campaign, allowing for rich roleplaying opportunities.

Enhancing the Campaign with Bastions

Combining Bastions: Players have the option to combine their characters’ Bastions into a single large structure. This collaborative approach doesn’t change the number of special facilities each character can have, but it allows for shared benefits and collective storytelling.

Events and Maintenance: Bastions can be affected by random events, requiring maintenance and defense. Characters must manage these aspects to ensure their Bastions remain operational and beneficial.

Recruitment and Hirelings: Bastions can recruit defenders and hirelings who maintain the facilities and carry out the issued orders. This adds another layer of depth and strategy to the game, as players must manage their resources and personnel effectively.


Bastions are set to revolutionize the Dungeons & Dragons gameplay in 2024, providing characters with personalized strongholds that enhance both the mechanical and storytelling aspects of the game. Whether it’s through crafting powerful items, conducting crucial research, or simply having a place to call home, Bastions bring a new dimension to the beloved tabletop RPG. So, gather your party, build your Bastion, and embark on your next great adventure in the world of D&D!

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