The Secret of Oki Island - A New Solo Adventure on Kickstarter

The Secret of Oki Island - A New Solo Adventure on Kickstarter

Obvious Mimic is crowdfunding our third 5e solo adventure on Kickstarter: The Secret of Oki Island. 

The Secret of Oki Island is a solo adventure of swashbuckling adventure, open seas, and hidden treasure set in a world as whimsical as it is deadly.

Just as with our previous solo adventures, we are creating this interactive story as a way to play DnD 5e on your own as an alternative to group adventures or a supplement to your regular campaign.

And as always, players can use their own 5e characters to fight monsters, overcome challenges, and earn rewards. 

Check out The Secret of Oki Island on Kickstarter now.


The Story

A simple journey quickly becomes a search for a mysterious treasure with a motley crew of scallywags and scoundrels.

Through strength, skill, or charm you will have to survive the open seas with the pirates aboard The Rapier Wit and unravel the mystery of the egg that has chosen you to carry it home to a fabled fortune. 

Search the wide blue horizon for Oki Island and the riches it contains. But don't forget to get into some trouble along the way. The pirate's life is nothing if not exciting.

So what's different this time?

The Wolves of Langston and The Crystals of Z'leth were our first two adventures, and they were great learning experiences. We learned a lot about what works and also what doesn't. 

So while we're keeping the same high standards on The Secrets of Oki Island, we are making a few changes.

  • Most importantly, the story is already written. Unlike previous adventures that were finished after the project was funded, we are already. 
  • We've expanded our team to include more writers, regular artists, and more skilled layout designers. So while we've been working on getting The Crystals of Z'leth out to backers, other parts of the team are putting together the next adventure.
  • The publishing process is set, so even though it takes longer now we will have enough lead time on future projects to get physical books out better and faster. 

So join us in producing the next exciting installment of Obvious Mimic 5e solo adventures. 

Back The Secret of Oki Island on Kickstarter today!


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