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The Crystals of Z'leth - A 5e Survival Solo Adventure (PDF + Epub)

The Crystals of Z'leth - A 5e Survival Solo Adventure (PDF + Epub)

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The Crystals of Z’leth is a solo adventure of exploration, discovery, and survival that works with Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition.

The jungle holds many secrets. It will do anything to keep them.

You are part of an expedition to the ancient city of Z’leth. Few who have found the city have ever returned. Those that did make it out alive talk of a lost civilization, ancient secrets, and crystals of great power.

But all may not be as it seems, and there are secrets beneath secrets. Solve puzzles, survive ancient defenses, and manage your limited resources to uncover the mystery of the crystals.

Pick your own path. Play your own 5e character. No DM, maps, or minis required.

We are making this for you if you want more of your favorite TTRPG and would rather play than DM yourself in the downtime between sessions. The Crystals of Z'leth is designed for characters between levels 1 to 4. 

  •  Play your own 5e character. Made however you usually make one. The story is crafted so that all characters can succeed - or fail. 
  •  Take your own path through an interactive story where your decisions have consequences.
  •  Fight monsters, cast spells, and find treasure within an original story.
  •  Make progress with loot and experience that you keep in a regular tabletop game.
This version includes the PDF and EPUB versions of the adventure.

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  • What Is a Solo 5e Adventure?

    A solo 5e adventure is a single-person interactive story that uses the game mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition to play through a story as the hero.

    • Play your own 5e character made however you usually make one. The story is crafted so that all characters can succeed - or fail.
    • Take your own path through an interactive story where your decisions have consequences.
    • Fight monsters, cast spells, and find treasure within an original story.
    • Make progress with loot and experience that you keep in a regular tabletop game.

      The experience allows players to be a lone hero solving problems and overcoming challenges without a DM or party.

      However, each solo adventure more than a single-player game. Each story is designed to work with existing D&D 5e games as either a downtime activity between sessions or a way to add flavor to a new character prior to their appearance.
  • How the Game Works

    As you take your journey through The Crystals of Z'leth, you will have a chance to do all the things you probably love about TTRPGs, including rolling dice and choosing your own path through the adventure.

    • Interact with NPCs and your environment
    • Use your skills and abilities to overcome challenges
    • Cast spells, use magic items, and activate your class features
    • Fight monsters and other evil-doers

    All this works by following on-page prompts within the story and applying off-the-page effects to improve your character's chances of success. 

    The game mechanics will be familiar to anyone playing D&D 5e. From skill checks and saving throws to attack rolls and spell damage, everything about The Crystals of Z'leth is designed to give you the same thrill as a session at DM's table but whenever you want to play.

    Plus, re-play the adventure to explore different options. Every choice you make in this solo adventure has some kind of consequence, so take each new character down their own path. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Néo Novas

amazing i hope you do more .

Timothy Rossignol
Even better!!!

I really really enjoyed The Wolves of Langston. This one met and exceeded my expectations. The art is beautiful, the writing was superb. Keep making them, and I will keep buying them.

Bryce Brown
Good game

Just started playing but so far it is really good.

Josh Whitaker
Good exploration adventure

Really liked the Wolves of Langston especially how it wrapped up. As for this module, it captures the exploration feel and has plenty of avenues to explore which I enjoyed a lot. My disappointment came toward the final chapter where my character woke up under certain constrained circumstances. The logic behind what occurred was faulty and ran against the numerous decisions, heroic and sacrificing acts, and npc reactions that lead up to it. Then after the confrontation about said decision - the character is rewarded with a sum of text that is designed to make them feel guilty about bringing it up.

Other characters (ie NPCs) can have flaws and make mistakes which makes them more believable and had that approach been employed - the ending would have been enjoyable and redemptive. All that being said, I look forward to the next adventure that Obvious Mimic releases.

Andrew Heslop
Great fun

I really enjoyed this imaginative adventure