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The Crystals of Z'leth - Self-DM Pack (Optional)

The Crystals of Z'leth - Self-DM Pack (Optional)

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Want to play a solo adventure without missing out on tactical encounters? This supplemental media pack offers maps and tokens for you to play The Crystals of Z'leth digitally or physically while DMing the encounters yourself.

This pack includes:

  • Magic item cards
  • Digital encounter tokens
  • Full-color gridded maps for encounters
  • Full-color gridless maps for encounters
  • Grayscale gridded maps for encounters

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephane Gauthier
Great when a group game has been cancelled

When the weather is crappy or when the game you were excited about gets cancelled, this solo adventure scratches that RPG itch. Well written, engaging and fun.

David Santos

The maps and tokens are perfect! Very helpful to have the visuals with this. Love the Wolves of Langston and Crystals of Z'leth, I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Michael Chann
Useful maps and tokens

Gridded and gridless maps allow use of locations within the adventure. Maps are labelled with numbers that correspond to the numbered location within the adventure, so pulling up the right map for where you are is easier.

Jeff Boyer
Helpful for Strategy

I played through a first time with no maps, just assumed PC and NPC would stand toe to toe and fight it out melee style. I thought that the second time through it was more fun to play with range options and to have the maps to help visualize the setting. And you can’t beat the price for this add-on.

Kenn LeFever