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The Wolves of Langston Solo 5e Adventure (Premium Softcover)

The Wolves of Langston Solo 5e Adventure (Premium Softcover)

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Binding: Softcover
Format: US Letter (8.5 in x 11 in)
Length: 102 pages
Color: Premium color

Be the hero Langston needs.

Something is killing people in Langston.

You have arrived just in time to help this small town rid itself of a danger stalking the night. Investigate likely suspects and root out the unknown evil.

Meet unique characters in an original setting with a mix of mystery, action, and exploration. Go on a classic fantasy quest that will challenge you and your character. 

Embark on a DnD solo adventure that you play with any 5e character. Be the hero of a story where your choices have consequences.

Pick your own path. Play your own 5e character. No DM, maps, or minis required.

We are making this for you if you want more of your favorite TTRPG and would rather play than DM yourself in the downtime between sessions. The Wolves of Langston is designed for characters of levels 1 to 4. 

  •  Play your own 5e character. Made however you usually make one. The story is crafted so that all characters can succeed - or fail.
  •  Take your own path through an interactive story where your decisions have consequences.
  •  Fight monsters, cast spells, and find treasure within an original story.
  •  Make progress with loot and experience that you keep in a regular tabletop game.

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  • What Is a Solo 5e Adventure?

    A solo 5e adventure is a single-person interactive story that uses the game mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition to play through a story as the hero.

    - Play your own 5e character made however you usually make one. The story is crafted so that all characters can succeed - or fail.

    - Take your own path through an interactive story where your decisions have consequences.

    - Fight monsters, cast spells, and find treasure
    within an original story.

    - Make progress with loot and experience that you keep in a regular tabletop game.

    The experience allows players to be a lone hero solving problems and overcoming challenges without a DM or party.

    However, each solo adventure more than a single-player game. Each story is designed to work with existing D&D 5e games as either a downtime activity between sessions or a way to add flavor to a new character prior to their appearance.

  • How the Game Works

    As you take your journey through The Wolves of Langston, you will have a chance to do all the things you probably love about TTRPGs, including rolling dice and choosing your own path through the adventure.

    - Interact with NPCs and your environment

    - Use your skills and abilities to overcome challenges

    - Cast spells, use magic items, and activate your class features

    - Fight monsters and other evil-doers

    All this works by following on-page prompts within the story and applying off-the-page effects to improve your character's chances of success. 

    The game mechanics will be familiar to anyone playing D&D 5e. From skill checks and saving throws to attack rolls and spell damage, everything about The Wolves of Langston is designed to give you the same thrill as a session at DM's table but whenever you want to play.

    Plus, re-play the adventure to explore different options. Every choice you make in this solo adventure has some kind of consequence, so take each new character down their own path. 

Customer Reviews

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(thumbs up)

Loved the story line - I was sure I could predict the outcome while I was progressing through the story, but found myself (happily) surprised at the ending. Nice lesson not to judge an NPC by first impressions. Liked having a physical copy to flip back/forth between pages.


Came quickly and in great condition! So excited to play!


Just started this tonight. So easy to jump into and I’m already hooked.

Urorakas, half-orc
Great start into D&D

I have played a bit of Dark Eye as a kid and later Shadow Run and as my kids get older I was hoping to get them interested in role playing games. Playing through this solo adventure in the D&D universe helped me to familiarize me with the rules and gave me inspiration to be a DM. I´ll also use this solo adventure as a first start into RPG with my kids, as it reduces the DM work and will give me more practice and hopefully get the kids interested in this genre. No matter how that plan with the kids pans out, I am looking forward to more adventures from Obvious Mimic for solo play!