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5e Players Cheat Sheet - DnD 5th Edition

5e Players Cheat Sheet - DnD 5th Edition

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✔️A clean 2-page reference for the most important rules in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

✔️Perfect for New or Returning 5e Players. Don't feel left behind. Everything is right at your finger tips.

✔️Instant Digital PDF Download in Portrait, Landscape, Color, and Black/White.

"Fantastic sheet layout. Solid work. Great for new players."

"That's some amazing work! I've been trying to get my wife and kids into DnD, so this is great use for them."

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  • Play More 🎲

    Spend less time in rulebooks and more time playing with friends.

  • Learn Faster 📚

    Cut down your learning curve with all the most important rules at your fingertips.

  • Be a Super DM 🧙🏻‍♂️

    Help newcomers get up to speed faster with a Session Zero handout.

Page 1

Checks & Modifiers

The first page is for the most important rules in DnD 5e. Ability Checks, Saving Throws, and Attack Rolls and how they interact with Difficult Class and Armor Class.

Page 2

Combat Actions & Spells

The second page explains how to take your turn in combat situations. We explain the most Common Actions, how to Deal Damage, and to Move in Combat. If you want to cast a spell or two, we got the rules for you as well.


How do I get my download?

You can download the PDF on the confirmation pages after your purchase. You will also receive an email with the download link.

The download is immediate. Please contact us in the chat here if you have any problems.

How many pages does this have?

The 5 Player's Cheat Sheet includes two pages. One for in combat and one for outside of combat.

Am I allowed to share it?

Absolutely! Please share it with your friends, your play group, or your crush.

Just please don't share it on the public internet for others to download.

How should I print this?

We offer the Cheat Sheet in Landscape, Portrait, Color, and Black and White.

It is designed for US Letter format but fits well on A4 as well.

Will this be updated for the Player's Handbook 2024?

Yes! You will receive all updates for free in your email inbox.