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Free 5e Character Sheet (Printable + Fillable + Template)

Free 5e Character Sheet (Printable + Fillable + Template)

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Free 5e Character Sheets

Get a free 5e character sheet from Obvious MImic! Custom-designed by DMs and players to fit everything you need in easy reach, and then give you all the extra space you need to really flesh out your favorite TTRPG character.

Each digital download pack includes:

  • A printable 5e character sheet (PDF)
  • A fillable 5e character sheet (PDF)
  • A template to create your own (INDD + Assets)

The Printable 5e Character Sheet

Enjoy a carefully laid-out sheet designed to put your most important stats on the front page. We've clustered related details in easy-to-find locations. And following sheets give you plenty of space to keep track of equipment, spells, backstory, and notes for your character.

The Fillable 5e Character Sheet

Use dynamic fields for your character portrait, ability score bonuses, and even lift, carry, or drag weights. You can keep your character up-to-date with basic toggles to help keep track of everything from your conditions to your spell slots. 

The Open Source Character Sheet Template

We really like our character sheet, but that doesn't mean there will never be a better one. So we're giving designers and creatives the chance to build on what we've started with an editable file (InDesign INDD format) to continue improving on our free 5e character sheet.

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