The Crystals of Z'leth is out!

The Crystals of Z'leth is out!

We are thrilled to announce that Obvious Mimic is releasing its second solo adventure: The Crystals of Z'leth.

Check it out here!

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, we went all-out on taking our next story to the next level. As a longer story, The Crystals of Z'leth gives you get more adventure, more art, and more treasure to take with you. 

The story of The Crystals of Z'leth

You begin your adventure with an expedition to find the lost city of Z'leth. But unexpected hazards lurk behind every tree and corner in the corrupted jungle you have been hired to explore. You will have to survive in harsh environments while also learning more about the ancient Z'lethan civilization and what secrets it might hold.

Creating the 5e solo adventure

Written and edited by Obvious Mimic founders Daniel Howard and Kai Wloka, this second 5e solo adventure is a second stand-alone adventure and a follow-up to The Wolves of Langston. Players of our first murder mystery solo adventure can take their characters on to another adventure or start a new character just for The Crystals of Z'leth.

With over 550 sections and featuring almost 60 pieces of original art, The Crystals of Z'leth is our most ambitious project yet. We're grateful to the Kickstarter backers who made this possible and to the incredible team that worked at making this next solo adventure a reality. 

Currently, the digital version is available here and the print edition will be available soon. 


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