Choose Your Own Adventure Books in Dungeons and Dragons

Choose Your Own Adventure Books in Dungeons and Dragons

Choose Your Own Adventure books in Dungeons & Dragons seems like a natural pairing. So now there are solo adventures. 

The allure of adventure beckons to every Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) player, drawing them into realms of fantasy where every choice carves the path of destiny. The fact that it's a social game and a great way to spend time with friends makes D&D even better. 

But sometimes, your friends might just not show up to game night. Or your DM can't make it. Any number of things could get in the way of your imagination. This is where Choose Your Own Adventure comes in. 

Among the variety of ways to immerse yourself in fantastical worlds, Choose Your Own Adventure books stand out as a particularly nostalgic experience for some of us. No party? No problem. Just get a few Choose Your Own Adventure books to play.

What is Choose Your Own Adventure

The original CYOA are a series of interactive novels that started in 1979 (just six short years after Dungeons & Dragons was first published).

These interactive novels, which allow readers to make choices that affect the story's outcome, have captivated audiences for decades. Their multiple endings meant kids could read and re-read them with varying degrees of success or failure.

For those who enjoyed a more game-like experience, however, there were a number of offshoots that also did very well. Especially the Fighting Fantasy (FF) series has offered a unique solo adventure experience, blending themes of exploration with the rich storytelling of a universe very similar to those worlds found in Dungeons & Dragons games around the world.

Along with other popular fantasy gamebooks, CYOA and FF directly inspired our own adventures The Wolves of Langston and The Crystals of Z'leth

Understanding Choose Your Own Adventure Books

The concept of Choose Your Own Adventure books dates back to the end of the 1970s, revolutionizing storytelling by handing the reins of the narrative to the reader. In these books, you're not just an observer; you're the protagonist, making decisions at key junctures that determine the plot's direction and outcome. This format introduces multiple endings, ranging from triumphant victories to untimely demises, based on the choices made by the reader.

What makes CYOA books so appealing is their ability to engage the reader's imagination and decision-making skills. As you navigate through the story, you're constantly weighing options and pondering the potential consequences of your actions. This interactive element mirrors the core experience of D&D, where players create and inhabit characters, making choices that shape the narrative of their campaign.

The popularity of CYOA books stems from their immersive nature and the control they offer over the story's trajectory. Readers relish the opportunity to explore various scenarios and outcomes, making each reading experience unique. This format has inspired a wide range of genres, from fantasy and science fiction to mystery and horror, proving its versatility and enduring appeal.

The allure of Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy, and now Obvious Mimic books

Dungeons & Dragons, the venerable tabletop role-playing game, invites players into a world of fantasy where magic, monsters, and heroes abound. At its core, D&D is a game of storytelling and imagination. Players create characters, each with their own backstories, strengths, and weaknesses, to embark on epic quests devised by the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM acts as the narrator, referee, and antagonist, presenting challenges and weaving a rich narrative tapestry in which the players' choices significantly impact the story's progression.

The game's essence lies in its open-ended nature. D&D provides a framework of rules within which virtually anything is possible, limited only by the participants' creativity. This freedom to explore, to succeed, or fail based on choices and dice rolls resonates deeply with the interactive experience offered by Choose Your Own Adventure books. Both mediums celebrate the power of choice and the thrill of venturing into the unknown.

In the realm of interactive books, the "Fighting Fantasy" series deserves special recognition for pioneering the way toward gamebook adventures. Created by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, these books have enchanted readers since the 1980s, blending simple role-playing game mechanics with rich storytelling.

The Fighting Fantasy series also offers readers the chance to make choices that dictate the flow of the story, emphasizing the power of decision-making in shaping outcomes. The enduring popularity of the Fighting Fantasy series underscores the broad appeal of interactive storytelling, serving as a testament to the genre's capacity to engage and inspire imagination across different audiences and generations.

The spirit of adventure and choice central to both Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure books highlights the timeless allure of narrative-driven games, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of storytelling within the gaming community.

Merging Worlds: D&D Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Among the treasures that have emerged at the intersection of Choose Your Own Adventure books and D&D are, of course, The Wolves of Langston and The Crystals of Z'leth by the creative team here at Obvious Mimic.

These books take the interactive narrative format and infuse it with the rich lore, complex characters, and strategic decision-making that D&D players love.

The Wolves of Langston

The Wolves of Langston: A 5e Murder Mystery Solo Adventure by Obvious Mimic  — Kickstarter

The Wolves of Langston is a solo adventure of murder, mystery, and investigation that works with Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition.

Something is killing people in Langston.

You have arrived just in time to help this small town rid itself of a danger stalking the night. Investigate likely suspects and root out the unknown evil.
Meet unique characters in an original setting with a mix of mystery, action, and exploration.

Go on a classic fantasy quest that will challenge you and your character.

The Crystals of Z'leth

The Crystals of Z’leth is a solo adventure of exploration, discovery, and survival that works with Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition.

You are part of an expedition to the ancient city of Z’leth. Few who have found the city have ever returned. Those that did make it out alive talk of a lost civilization, ancient secrets, and crystals of great power.

The jungle holds many secrets. It will do anything to keep them.

You are part of an expedition to the ancient city of Z’leth. Few who have found the city have ever returned. Those that did make it out alive talk of a lost civilization, ancient secrets, and crystals of great power.

But all may not be as it seems, and there are secrets beneath secrets. Solve puzzles, survive ancient defenses, and manage your limited resources to uncover the mystery of the crystals.

Why D&D Players Love Choose Your Own Adventure Books

D&D Choose Your Own Adventure books like "The Wolves of Langston" and "The Crystals of Z'leth" offer players a novel way to play their favorite characters.

These books are particularly appealing for several reasons:

  • Solo Play: They provide an opportunity for solo adventure, perfect for times when gathering a group for D&D is not feasible.
  • Narrative Exploration: They enable players to explore different aspects of the story, discovering new lore, creatures, and magical artifacts.
  • Inspiration for Campaigns: DMs can draw inspiration from these stories, incorporating elements into their own campaigns to enrich the gaming experience for their players.


Choose Your Own Adventure-style books tailored for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts offer a captivating blend of storytelling, strategy, and exploration. Titles like The Wolves of Langston and The Crystals of Z'leth by Obvious Mimic not only enrich the D&D universe but also provide players with new avenues for adventure and creativity.

Whether you're a seasoned D&D player or new to the realm of fantasy role-playing, these books promise to take you on unforgettable journeys where your choices forge the path ahead. Please feel free to check them out here.

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